Anzac Day @ The Asquith Club

April 26, 2024

Anzac Day at The Asquith Club was a special event that brought together members and guests to commemorate and honor the sacrifices of Australian and New Zealand soldiers. We appreciate everyone who joined us for this meaningful day. The atmosphere was filled with gratitude and remembrance as we paid tribute to those who have served our countries.

Lest we forget the bravery and commitment of our servicemen and women who have defended our freedoms and way of life. The Anzac Day event at The Asquith Club provided a space for reflection and appreciation for the sacrifices made by the ANZAC troops. It was a time to come together as a community and remember the legacy left by those who have served.

The Asquith Club was honored to host such a significant day and we are thankful for the opportunity to commemorate Anzac Day with our members and guests. The spirit of camaraderie and remembrance was palpable throughout the event, showcasing the respect and gratitude we hold for our armed forces past and present. We look forward to continuing to pay tribute to our ANZAC heroes in the years to come at The Asquith Club.