Minor Singles Final Winners

May 1, 2024

Eric De Beer and Andrew Thomson emerged victorious as the champions in the Club Champion Minor Singles Final. Their outstanding performance and skill on the lawn bowling green led them to success in the final match. It was a hard-fought battle, but ultimately, De Beer and Thomson came out on top to claim the title. Their dedication and hard work throughout the tournament have truly paid off.

The Minor Singles Final was a thrilling event filled with intense competition and impressive displays of talent from all participants. De Beer and Thomson showcased their abilities and strategic playing style, which ultimately earned them the title of Club Champion. Their victory is a testament to their commitment to the sport and their passion for lawn bowling.

The entire club is proud to have De Beer and Thomson as the winners of the Minor Singles Final. Their skills, sportsmanship, and perseverance serve as an inspiration to players of all levels. Congratulations to Eric De Beer and Andrew Thomson for their well-deserved victory in the Club Champion Minor Singles Final.